A collaboration between “Monster Strike” and the anime “Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Stone Ocean” will be held from noon on July 15th!


July 20, 2022 Monster Strike (Monst) official website is a collaboration between “Monst” and the anime “Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Stone Ocean” from noon on Friday, July 15 to 11:59 on Tuesday, August 2. Announced that it will be held. Collaboration characters such as Jolyne Kujoh and Jotaro Kujo will appear in Monster Strike.

From the official

▼ Gacha holding period
From Friday, July 15, 2022 12:00 to Tuesday, August 2, 11:59

▼ Collaboration character to be discharged

Hermes Costello★4Fire attribute
F・F★4Water attribute
Jolyne Kujoh★6(Before evolution)Tree attribute
Jotaro Kujo★6(Before evolution)Light attribute
Weather Report★6(Before evolution)Darkness attribute

■ Introduction of collaboration characters

Jolyne Cujoh
Tree attribute
★ 6 Those who seek freedom Jolyne Cujoh (Beast deification)
Jotaro Kujo
Light attribute
★ 6 Joestar’s pedigree Jotaro Kujo (Beast deification)
Weather Report
Darkness attribute
★ 6 A male prisoner who lost his memory Weather Report (Beast deification)
Hermes Costello
Fire attribute
★ 5 Jolyne’s best friend Hermes Costello (after evolution)
Water attribute
★ 5 Plankton FF with intelligence (after evolution)

And there are collaboration quests that challenge Guess, Jongari A, Thunder McEin, Mirachon, and Wrangler.

Official site: Collaboration with the anime “Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Stone Ocean”

From Monster Strike Official Anime Channel

I’m too happy to collaborate with Jojo!

I can’t wait for the 15th!!

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