[Sega Saturn] Guardian Heroes


The fighting RPG “Guardian Heroes” developed by Treasure, which was released at Sega Saturn in 1996. Especially, it is a masterpiece game where you can play up to 6 players at the same time in VS mode.


There is a man who is said to be the survivor of the ancient “magical era”. The man uses his own magic to rule the country and to establish a mage nation.

Four adventurers resting in the inn. They sought out the legendary sword. Suddenly, Serena, a former kingdom knight, came and warned that “royal soldiers would come to attack here!” Adventurers confront big ambitions to save the world.

2.Main character

Hahn Samwell
The main character of this game. A slightly cool former kingdom knight.
Nicole Neil
Bright, natural blur and optimist
Lady priest
Randy M. Green & Edward M. Cognac
Naughty boy, a self-proclaimed super mage. Fight with familiar Edward.
Ibushi Ginjiro
A ninja who excels in martial arts and kenpo
Usually calm and calm personality
Serena Corsair
A cool female knight. Former Kingdom Red Knights Leader
Can be used by clearing the difficulty level above normal.
Undead hero
Legendary hero who was active in the old days
Not available in story mode, but active as a powerful ally


Story mode

Select the player to operate from the four characters. The system uses a belt scroll action. Level up and advance the story while cultivating the character you want while allocating abilities.

VS mode

VS mode is the main part of the game “Guardian Heroes”. There are “unlimited time battle” and “X-minute continuous battle” modes, and up to 6 players can play at the same time. Initially there are only 5 characters, but it will increase to a maximum of 45 characters.

Randomly two villagers (old people)

I feel that Treasure was created by sublimating the technology cultivated in the Mega Drive “YuYu Hakusho” and pursuing the fun of the game.

Random setting screen

The real thrill of VS mode is to play 6 players with random character selection. Nothing to say if the players are all human, not COM. The fun when an unexpected character is selected is exceptional.

The blow-off punches of fat villagers are powerful!

Fat villagers and villagers (old people) can go around unexpectedly, so they are my favorite characters.


I played it for the first time in a long time. Although I was a little worried about the roughness of the screen, the fun as a game was firmly there.

I remembered that when I was a student, my brothers got together and randomly selected characters and played with a big laugh. At the same time, I felt a little loneliness.

5.Advertising, etc.

Case front side
The back of the case
XBO360 version of Guardian Heroes (remake)
The VS mode of Sega Saturn is up to 6 people, but the XBOX version is 12 people.
Moreover, it is compatible with online battles.
From Treasure Twitter Co., Ltd. (Official)
It is a loving illustration of Guardian Heroes and the anime “Uncle from Another World”.
It is also good that there are 6 controllers and different colors!!

Reference video: Uncle from Another World x Sega Saturn SE Collection

6.Release date, etc.

Release Date: January 26, 1996
Development: Treasure
Sale: Sega
Genre: Fighting RPG

You Tube:Guardian Heroes(Yukkuri)

You can enjoy it without thinking too much.

I like to stand around with weak characters.

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