[Sega Saturn] Super Tempo


“SUPER TEMPO” is a comical and music action game developed by Red Company.The next work of “TEMPO” released on Mega Drive Super 32X.

Title screen


In the winter music world, the green boy “Tempo” and the cabbage white girl “Katie” are super very poor.After discovering a happy blue bird, the two follow the bird and find a mysterious house. Thus, the story of their escape from poverty began.

Tempo (left) and Katie (right). Vivid colors throughout the game


A grasshopper that is 5 years old. The store’s specialty is to attack with violin, hovering, and soap bubbles. In case of emergency, transform into Muscle Tempo and fight.

Muscle Tempo

A cabbage white butterfly of unknown age and three sizes. Katie’s specialty is fire blaster and flight. In case of emergency, transform into Gallows Katie and fight.

Gallows Katie


Main story

Side-scrolling action

Super Tempo is usually a side-scrolling action game. Each stage has been devised so as not to get bored, such as shooting and riddles.

Shooting screen
Boss battle
Riddle. Who is the person in this photo? You will have two choices (Answer: Wagner)


All special items obtained at each stage will be appraised after the final stage clear. And the ending changes depending on the result.

Special items will be displayed in the room
Rich ranking
Ending screen. About 10 types in total

Voice mode

You can switch the SE of the game. When you switch to voice mode, SE becomes all human voice. The voice used is the voice of Keisuke Abe , the director of this game.

Voice mode makes the game more strange and funny

Mini Game

There are three types of mini games. Press the button at the right time to get a bonus, and if you win perfectly, you will have 1 more life.

Pizza game. A game of eating pizza while the mother is not alert.
Karate game
Samurai game. A character like Lone Wolf and Cub

4.Advertising, etc.

Advertisement for the game “TEMPO” of Mega Drive Super 32X
I couldn’t find an ad for Sega Saturn “SUPER TEMPO”.
Front side of the case
Back side of the case

5.Release date, etc.

Release Date: April 29, 1998
Development: Red Company
Sale: Media Quest
Genre: Action
Ranking: 657/945 (from Sega Saturn Magazine)

The director likes games such as “Earthworm Jim” and refers to them.
The operability is a little quirky, but even with this, a polite and detailed animation comes out and it is a fun game .

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