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The third episode is a little SEGA element is a thin animation “Uncle from Another World (Isekai Ojisan)”. That’s the third episode in which Elf and Fujimiya are fascinating.

And, I will continue to send you SEGA materials.


Uncle and Fujimiya

Takafumi and Uncle, who is active as a YouTuber, face a crisis where the number of subscribers to the channel is insufficient and advertising revenue may be cut off.

So, Uncle believes in the Internet people and takes a certain action.

Surprised Fujimiya

2.SEGA materials

Tails (Sonic the Hedgehog 2)

Sonic the Hedgehog 2
Blue hedgehog Sonic (right) and child fox Tails (left)
From “Sonic the Hedgehog 2”

The character “Tails” that the uncle emphasized is a fox character that appears in the Sega series, an action game developed by Sega. The first appearance is from the Mega Drive “Sonic the Hedgehog 2”.

Uncle who emphasizes Tails
Uncle (Elf) who emphasizes Tails

Guardian Heroes

Uncle Elf plays a game
The BGM playing at the time of this scene is Guardian Heroes.

[Game CD playback] Sega Saturn Guardian Heroes BGM (BGM used in episode 3 will be played from around 36 minutes 02 seconds)

Attack on Titan

Another world Titan
Another world Titan

The town is about to be attacked by giants as the uncle breaks the barrier in another world. I felt that the giants that appeared at that time were a parody from the anime “Attack on Titan”.

Collaboration between Sega and Attack on Titan
Collaboration between Sega and Attack on Titan at an amusement facility (2013, 2014)

Sega was not a sponsor of the anime “Attack on Titan”, but there were collaborations at mobile games and amusement facilities.

Chain Chronicle and Attack on Titan
Collaboration between “Chain Chronicle” (Android / iOS) and “Attack on Titan” (2017)
Idola Phantasy Star Saga
Collaboration with “Idola Phantasy Star Saga” (Android / iOS) and “Attack on Titan” in 2019

Kaede Nanase (Alien Soldier)

Alien Soldier
Game “Alien Soldier” featuring Kaede Nanase

Uncle loves “Kaede Nanase”. This character will appear in the Megadrive game “Alien Soldier” developed by Treasure and sold by SEGA.

Uncle played Alien Soldier
Uncle played “Alien Soldier” when he was young.

After being killed, Kaede becomes a cyborg who has been remodeled and lost her heart. She is then defeated by her best friend, the protagonist. She is a girl with a harsh fate.

Kaede Nanase of “Alien Soldier” setting material

And “Alien Soldier” will be recorded in “Mega Drive Mini 2” scheduled to be released on October 27, 2022.(Japan)

It has been revealed that “Alien Soldier” will also be included in the Sega Genesis Mini 2 released in North America on October 22, 2022.

Some of the recorded titles are different between Sega Genesis Mini 2 and Mega Drive Mini 2.

Sega Genesis Mini 2 Official Website


Elf (Voice: Haruka Tomatsu)

The voice of Haruka Tomatsu, who plays the role of an elf, is very attractive. Elf is excellent when combined with her voice and footage.

Uncle and Elf
Elf explaining the fruits. Uncle doesn’t like Elf. The face of Uncle is impressive.
Elf call Uncle an “Orc Face”.
Elf talks about Uncle
Before the battle, Elf talks about Uncle not hiding his face.
Elf alone confronts
Elf alone confronts the enemy’s army.
Elf colliding
Elf colliding with the uncle’s restored barrier.
Elf suggested dinner to Uncle
Elf suggested dinner to Uncle. Instead, ELF doesn’t care about today.
Elf smile
But Uncle ran away. Because Uncle didn’t like being escorted by Elf.

Fujimiya (Voice: Mikako Komatsu)

Fujimiya entered the house

The uncle traced Takafumi’s memory and visualized the time when Takafumi and Fujimiya first met. And Fujimiya realized that she had made a terrible misunderstanding.

Fujimiya in elementary school
Fujimiya in elementary school. (Fact)
Fujimiya thought a misunderstanding
Fujimiya thought when she was in elementary school .(Misunderstanding)
Stunned Fujimiya
Stunned Fujimiya

Various facial expressions of Fujimiya

The heroine Fujimiya whose facial expressions change in various ways. From here, it will be a collection of her facial expressions in episode 3.

Annoyed Fujimiya
Shy Fujimiya
Surprise Fujimiya
Tension Fujimiya
Stunned Fujimiya
Appalling Fujimiya
Shy Fujimiya
Stunned self-defeat Fujimiya
Stunned self-defeat
Embarrassed Fujimiya
Happy Fujimiya
Fear Fujimiya


Uncle magically transformed into Elf for Fujimiya. He also made a game video for YouTube in that form.

Uncle transformed into Elf
Uncle transformed into the same appearance as Elf in another world.
Uncle Elf rejoices
Uncle Elf rejoices to play Guardian Heroes.
Uncle elf who was convinced
Uncle elf who was convinced by seeing the childhood Fujimiya.
Uncle was shocked
Uncle was shocked by the results of the video. And Uncle who is about to lose his transformation magic.


In the third episode, as in the previous episode, I feel the cuteness of the elf, Fujimiya and Uncle.

In addition, I felt that Uncle and Takafumi were caring people. I thought it would attract girls. I look forward to more and more stories in the future.

Sincere Uncle

Uncle on the net

Uncle writes comments as seriously as he does with the spirits. Then, a good response was returned, the number of subscribers exceeded 1000 safely, and advertising revenue was not cut off.


Like an uncle, sincere and honest feelings are important.

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