[Zenless Zone Zero] Introducing Corin Wickes! The maid of Victoria Housekeeping is 16 years old!!


On July 15, 2022, Zenless Zone Zero official Twitter announced the voice actor of “Corin Wickes”, the character of the game “Zenless Zone Zero”. She is played by Hiromi Igarashi, who plays “The Idolmaster Cinderella Girls” Anzu Futaba and others.

Victoria Housekeeping

Corin is an employee of Victoria Housekeeping Co. And she is a maid. She is 16 years old, she is Gemini, and she has a blood type of Rh-. Her favorite is cleaning, she uses a chainsaw to peel apples⁉

From the official

“Can someone like me really manage?”

Domestic work or not, leave everything to her!
(Oh, uhh? B-but I’m not that good!)

She’s obedient, diligent and responsible, and not afraid of a little hard work!
(One moment please! That’s really not me!)

She’ll never let her companions suffer, and always takes responsibility!
(Please listen to me! Such exaggeration will make customers misunderstand!)

You’ll find no better maid than Corin!
(Oooh, please, please don’t send this report out! This isn’t the real me!)

Corin Wickes

<Reaction to Twitter>

Is her weapon a chainsaw?

Corin is good! I want to use it soon!!

When is the beta?

Introducing the new team Happy!!

Is the introduction of the wolf of Victoria Housekeeping Co next?

Maid character! I’m glad that there are many cute characters!!

 YouTube:Z·Z·Z Trailer(The battle scene of Corin Wickes starts around 2 minutes 4 seconds.)

This time the maid!

She’s wielding a ridiculous weapon on PV.

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