[Zenless Zone Zero] Sticker set 1 “Cunning Hares Everyday Life (Part 1)” has been released!


On June 17, 2022, Zenless Zone Zero official Twitter announced “Sticker set 1” Zenless Zone Zero “Cunning Hares Everyday Life (Part 1)”.(Zenless Zone Zero is by Ho Yoverse. HoYoverse is a subsidiary brand of “Genshin Impact” miHoYo. )

How to use the sticker set from the official website
※How to Use※
Chatting with friends: recommended
Business communication: use discreetly
Official directive replies: use at your own risk

Download>> https://hoyo.link/c3cH5BA6

<Reaction on Twitter>

It’s so cute!

What the hell is Billy doing?

I really like Nico’s fearless smile.

I definitely use it and I can’t wait for the game!!


The members of Cunning Hares are the best! lovely!!

I’m happy with the cute the sticker set.

I can understand the character’s personality from the sticker set.

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