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On July 2, 2022, Zenless Zone Zero official Twitter tweeted “New Eridu Settlers Guide|The Bangboo”.


Bangboo is a small rabbit (?) Type intelligent machine that you can see in the PV and illustrations of Zenless Zone Zero. It can also be used as a helper in daily life or as a work companion.

1.A Bangboo’s Self-Introduction
2.A Bangboo’s Self-Introductio

From the Zenless Zone Zero Official YouTube Channel Community

Dear prospective citizens, if you want to quickly adapt to and enjoy your new life in New Eridu, please be sure to treat these intelligent Bangboo devices well!

If you want it to be your daily helper in life, no problem! (Nu-nah uhn!))
If you want to move freely in the Hollows with its aid, go for it! (Nu-nah en)
If you want to modify it and make it unique, even better! (En-nha nah)

But before you disassemble it, please carefully read this guide below, it will be very helpful to both you and your Bangboo!!!

As requested by New Eridu City Administration, we provide the latest city guide to all those who wish to enter New Eridu. Please check it out!

Note: The guide contents represent the views of the creator only.

Don’t worry, it’s quite common for the translation module to be unable to accurately translate the Bangboo language. The best way to communicate perfectly with these little gadgets is to teach them the common tongue. If you have such a need, you may want to post a request for help on the Proxy Network. There should be a “tutor” willing to come to your house — for a little Dennies of course.
All new citizens are still welcome to participate in the Tuning Test recruitment to become the first group of Proxies >>
https://hoyo.link/27c21CA6:Zenless Zone Zero Official Website

It’s a character that used to move around on PV.

Will they fight with us?

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