[Zenless Zone Zero] Introducing Anton Ivanov from Belobog Heavy Industries!


On September 2, 2022, the Zenless Zone Zero official Twitter tweeted an introduction to the character Anton Ivanov from Belobog Heavy Industries. Anton Ivanov is a subordinate to the president of Belobog Heavy Industries, Creta Belobog.

Anton Ivanov is voiced by Shinichiro Kamio.


“Tough job? I got this!”

“Sorry, I got held up by this strange guy asking if I wanted to play cards or something on my way here… Hm? You haven’t started interviewing our president yet, have you? Don’t forget to lower the mic stand a bit.”

YouTube | Just Another Day at the Video Store | TGS 2022 Special Debut Video

Continuing from the last time, I’m happy to introduce Belobog Heavy Industries character. I’m looking forward to seeing more character introductions!

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