[Impression] EP7 “Uncle from Another World” Uncle puts his experience in Golden Axe to good use


A new heroine will appear. And in episode 7, Uncle uses his knowledge in the game to confront monsters.

Uncle and Alicia group

1 Synopsis

Uncle and Takafumi

Uncle playing Golden Ax with “Mega Drive”. While playing the game, the uncle explains to Takafumi how to defeat the enemy. Uncle started talking about when he subjugated the goblins.

Alicia looking back

After that, Takafumi went out to deliver Fujimiya’s smartphone. Takafumi witnesses Fujimiya walking with a man. Takafumi borrows the power of magic from Uncle and goes to help her.

Takafumi and Chiaki

2 Short clip

Characters of another world of Ep7
Characters of another world
Katakana (Japanese) of Ep7
Katakana (Japanese)


Short clip meaning of Ep7


3 SEGA Topics

The Super Shinobi

Uncle’s plan “The Super SHABERI”

The official name of Uncle’s different world transfer bonus “Translation Dialogue Skill” was decided by Takahiro’s idea. “The Super SHABERI” proposed by my uncle is from the Mega Drive “The Super Shinobi” logo.

Golden axe

Mega drive and Golden axe

A belt-scrolling action game for arcades released by Sega in 1989. Three warriors embark on a journey to subjugate demons. Two-player co-op is also possible.

Golden axe game screen
Golden axe game screen

Golden Axe is also included in Sega Genesis Mini (1).

Alien soldier

Introduction of Uncle

Uncle used the pseudonym “Tenma Kuroki” when he introduced himself to Alicia and the others. This name is from a character in the game “Alien Soldier”.

Alien Soldier
Alien Soldier

“Alien Soldier” is an action game for Genesis. It is a game loved by Uncles that has been featured many times in the anime “Isekai Ojisan”.

Sonic the hedgehog

Uncle and Sonic
Uncle thought of “Sonic” when he heard “Hedgehog”

The protagonist of the Sonic series of games. Sega’s representative character, the fastest blue hedgehog ever.

4 Heroine facial expressions

Elf (Voice: Haruka Tomatsu)

Sleepy eyed elf
Sleepy eyed elf
Elf back
Elf back
Elf looking at Uncle
Elf looking at Uncle
Elf taking care of Uncle
Elf taking care of Uncle
Shy elf
Shy elf

Fujimiya (Voice: Mikako Komatsu)

Fujimiya in an Elf dress
Fujimiya in an Elf dress
Fujimiya looking at Takafumi
Fujimiya looking at Takafumi
Fujimiya smiling at Takafumi
Fujimiya smiling at Takafumi
Takafumi, Fujimiya and Sawae
Fujimiya’s friend from high school, Sawae, also appears

Alicia (Voice: Aki Toyosaki)

Alicia in despair
Alicia giving up
Give up
Alicia and the others apologize
Alicia's group self-introduction
Alicia rejoices
Surprised Alicia
Alicia in surprise
Smiling Alicia
Alicia chanting magic
Magic chant
Despairing Alicia Part 2
Despair part 2
Alicia who calls herself a hero
Alicia who calls herself a hero

5 Information

I’m looking forward to the future stories. Unfortunately, however, Episode 8 will be broadcast after October. I can’t wait for the next story.

The broadcast of episode 8 is undecided.

Official twitter

English translation

[Important] Temporary suspension of broadcasting due to the spread of new coronavirus infection

The broadcast will be temporarily suspended from episode 8, which is scheduled to be broadcast from September 7th.

We will put the health and safety of our staff first.
We sincerely appreciate your understanding.

I can’t help but worry about the next story. I just hope that the broadcast will not be canceled as it is.

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