Impression | Anime Uncle from Another World EP 10 Go to a hot spring with Elf!


Thanks to Elf, Uncle returned from being a dragon to being a human. And Uncle headed to Elf and the hot spring. The 10th episode is very satisfying with a story where you can feel the charm of Elf even more this time.

Confused Uncle and shy Elf


Uncle and Elf at an inn

Fujimiya’s friend Sawae visits Takafumi’s room. Sawae notices that Fujimiya likes Takafumi. And in another world, Uncle and Elf visited a hot spring made by transferees from Nihonbahamaru.

2.Short clip

Short clip of Episode 10

Translation: Drop, Twist, Open, Close, Tear

3.SEGA materials

YuYu Hakusho

Uncle remembers kanji

Uncle: Because the name of the technique in the 90s comes out with obfuscated kanji bang bang. I learned “Rengoku” from Hiei’s techniques (Jaouensatsurengokusyou).

YuYu Hakusho Makyoutouitsusen
YuYu Hakusho Makyoutouitsusen

“Hiei” is a character from Weekly Shonen Jump’s comic “YuYu Hakusho”. “Jaouensatsurengokusho” is one of Hiei’s special moves. YuYu Hakusho has been made into a game on the Mega Drive as “YuYu Hakusho Makyoutouitsusen”, and this software is included in the Mega Drive Mini (1).

Guardian Heroes

Uncle reminisces about Guardian Heroes

Uncle: In action games, sometimes there are long demo parts that you can’t skip. I’ve gotten into the habit of doing other things in the meantime.

The game that appears in Uncle’s recollection is from the Sega Saturn “Guardian Heroes”. It’s a familiar game that has appeared many times in Isekai Ojisan.


Elf (Voice: Haruka Tomatsu)

Elf rejoices wearing a yukata
Elf rejoices wearing a yukata
Elf receiving a foot massage from Uncle
Elf happy to talk to Alicia

Alicia (Voice: Aki Toyosaki)

Alicia apologizes for looking into Uncle and Elf
Alicia apologizes for looking into Uncle and Elf
Alicia is embarrassed by the elf's story
Alicia is embarrassed by the elf’s story

Elf & Alicia

Elf stroking Alicia’s chin
Elf confuse Alicia
Elf confuse Alicia
Elf telling Alicia to be careful


Fujimiya takes Chiaki and Sawae outside

This episode was a service episode. I also wanted an elf hot spring scene. And at the end, the enemy comes out, so I can’t wait to see what happens.

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