Movie “Laid-Back Camp(Yuru camp△)” trailer released! The contents of the limited number of visitors’ gifts are also revealed! !!


On June 1, 2022, the trailer for the movie “Laid-Back Camp(Yuru camp△)” was released from the official Twitter anime “Yurucamp △” series.

Along with that, the contents of the limited number of visitors’ gifts were also revealed.

The present for the visitors is “Limited Comic Laid-Back Camp Volume 13.5” drawn by Mr./Ms. Afro. It is a complete preservation version of all 84 pages (including the cover) including the special episode “Rin and Nadeshiko Inagako Spring Camp” (24 pages).

<Reaction about the trailer>

・For some reason, this trailer alone makes me sad …

・There are also new characters! Lots of interesting points!!

・One month left until the screening!

・The work that made me addicted to camping! I will definitely go see it!!

・That Jimny was Nadeshiko’s car. Time goes by quickly.

・Thank you for God’s work! I enjoy movies!!

The theme song is lyrical and wonderful.

I’m very impressed.

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