[Impression] Anime SPY x FAMILY Episode 19 | Yor delivers Anya’s forgotten item


1 Story

Part 1 Plans for revenge on Desmond

Anya’s classmate George looks resentfully at Damien being teased by the people around him. George, who thinks it will be his last day at school, asks Damien for a favor.

Part 2 Mother is like the wind

After seeing Anya off, Yor found gym clothes in Anya’s room. Yor, who noticed Anya’s forgetfulness, heads to Anya’s school.

2 Characters


Loid: “I see… I mean, Gluemann Pharmaceuticals won’t go bankrupt just because they’re bought.”

Lloyd: Does Yor follow me? No, no, no.


Loid: Well then, I’m going to the hospital soon. What about you?
Yor: Today is a half-holiday and work at the city hall starts in the afternoon.

Yor: Oh my God, Anya forgot something!

Student: Scary! Spider Woman!

Yor: Yes, what if I disguise myself? Then I can look for Anya openly.

Anya: Mother!
Yor: Oh, please be quiet.

Anya: No gym class today.
Yor: What?

Yor: In the end, I couldn’t help you because of a misunderstanding, and if I had known the schedule in the first place…

Loid: I was thinking of going out for lunch before going back to the hospital. Would you like to go with me?
Yor: Yes!


Anya: Damian would never do that.

Anya: It’s okay, the west is a safe country.

Loid: Anya, if you don’t wake up soon, you’ll be late.

3 Impression

Anya was good in the first part, but Becky and Damian were cute. In the second part, Yor’s big action was cool.

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