[Impression] Anime Spy x Family Ep18 | Anya and Yuri’s Special Study Training


1 Story

Part 1 The tutor is Anya’s uncle

Yor and Yuri

Anya’s school will have a midterm exam the week after next. That day she will not be able to use her psychic powers. She can’t afford to fail the test. Anya has Yuri as her tutor.

Part 2 Shinonome(Dawn)

Loid and Yor

Anya’s exam results make Loid uneasy. He heads to Anya’s school to falsify her paperwork, where Loid meets a suspicious man.

2 Characters


Loid remembering

Loid: The security bureau must have noticed that the minister was replaced by a spy. Although it was sudden, it was dangerous.

Lloyd thinks Anya will fail

Loid: Anya failed the test, no doubt!

Loid has the results of Anya's exam

Loid: Anya, you’re about to fail the test, why are you so bragging?
Anya: Not what I expected.


Yor asking Yuri

Yor: Yuri, You are very reliable, please.

Yor and Yuri are impressed by Anya's aspirations

Yoru: Wow!
Yuri: Good girl! What is this good girl!

Childhood Yuri and Yor teaching study

Yuri: Sister, this place is easy, isn’t it?
Yor: I see.


Anya has a test paper

Henderson: Not elegant. You are in supplementary lessons after school.
Anya: …

Anya plots to cheat

Anya: I don’t like Damien, but I’ve learned a good thing. I can get good marks on history tests if I can read his mind.
Henderson: Hey, Forger, what are you laughing at? As a punishment, you will have additional assignments.

Anya remembers her weakness

Anya: The super psychic Anya who saved the world. Even Anya has a weakness.

Anya is surprised that the test day and the Eclipse day overlap

Anya: I have a test on Eclipse Day!

Anya can't cheat

Anya: I can’t cheat!

Anya gets heartburn after reading Yuri's thoughts

Anya: Anya, I’m getting heartburn.

Anya is excited about the confrontation between Loid and Yuri

Anya: Spy vs secret police, wow! My uncle doesn’t know my dad is a spy, my dad wins!

Anya expresses her resolution to Yuri

Anya: I’ll do my best! And I want to become an excellent scholar and a great person, and feed my mother delicious food!

Anya is overheated and Yuri cheers her up

Yuri: Come on, do your best.

Anya breathes heavily

Anya: What is grammar?
Yuri: Seriously what a waste of time!!

Anya studying hard

Yor: Anya is working hard on her studies.
Loid: Yeah, nice.

Imaginary Anya in Loid

Anya: Anya, I feel like I can do it!

Anya is delighted to read Loid's thoughts

Loid: “Anya is working hard. She saved my life. I would like to thank her.
Anya: Yes!

3 Impression

The Forger family welcoming Yuri

Yuri made many appearances in this story, and the interaction with Anya was interesting. Loid’s comical was also good.

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