[Impression] Anime SPY x FAMILY Episode 20 | Anya’s workplace tour


1 Story

Part 1 Investigate the general hospital

Anya exploring the room

Anya will be writing a report on “interesting occupations” in class. She decides to visit the hospital where Loid works. Anya begins investigating Loid when he leaves his office.

Part 2 Crack the arcane code

Anya giving the code to Becky

Interested in deciphering the code, Anya made her own ciphertext and distributed confidential documents to Lloyd and the others. Is there anyone who can decipher it?

2 Characters


Loid surprised by Anya's test results

Loid: Oh my God, what a disaster!

Loid flinching at Anya's code

Loid: Even with my deciphering skills, it’s impossible to decipher this character.


Yor imagining an assassination job

Yor: The most rewarding thing is that I can feel that I am cleaning up my country.

Yor smelling the scent of towels

Yor: Mmm, the soap smells good.


Anya plotting to explore the room

Anya: Huh.

Anya trying to get out

Anya: Fugi, fugi!

Anya is surprised to see Loid back

Loid: “Now then, what does Anya’s miniature garden look like?
Anya: Father is back!

Anya asks Yor to write a code

Anya: Write what I say instead of me!

Anya dressed as a spy

Anya: Huh, it’s as expected to crack that code.

Anya sleeping soundly

Anya: “Top Secret…”

3 Impression

The Forger family in episode 20

The story of the assassination business imagined by Yor was also interesting. This time, Loid’s colleague’s new character will also appear, and I’m looking forward to the next development.

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