[Anime]”Spy x Family” goods will be on sale from July 2nd at “Fashion Center Shimamura”!!


English translation

Fashion Center Shimamura

Spy family goods will be on sale at Shimamura nationwide on Saturday, July 2nd.
It will also be on sale at the Shimamura online store at 9:00 on Saturday, July 2nd!

Don’t miss this opportunity.
Please forgive it when it is sold out.

Online store
*Please note that it will end as soon as the planned quantity is reached.

Pouches, drawstring bags, and acrylic stands

On June 18, 2022, it was announced that the fashion center Shimamura official Twitter account will release “SPY x FAMILY”(Comic serialization, anime broadcasting) goods from July 2nd.

Many kinds of products centered on Anya, such as T-shirts, pouches, drawstring bags, storage boxes, and acrylic stands.It will also be on sale at the Shimamura online store from 9 o’clock on July 2nd.

In addition, “SPY x FAMILY” goods will be on sale from June 25th at “Avail” of the Shimamura Group. This is a little more for adults than Shimamura, so check it out.

Sales at Avail’s online store will begin at 12:00 on June 25th.

English translation

Avail @ Shimamura Group

Avail will release “SPY x FAMILY” goods on Saturday, June 25th!
Check the image for details!

Click here for Avail stores
Please check the image for purchase restrictions.

Click here for online store [6/25 (Sat) 12: 00 ~]

Face towels, mini towels

<Reaction on Twitter>

I definitely want it!!

Shimamura is getting serious!

Can I buy it?

Next to UNIQLO, Shimamura will start selling. I will get the goods anyway!

Shimamura recommends Anya.

On the day of the sale, I will buy it even if I line up in a line!!

A collaboration between Shimamura and the Spy Family has arrived!

Can I buy it online?

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