Impression | Anime Uncle from Another World EP 13 The final episode has been broadcast successfully!


About three months have passed since episode 12 was broadcast. And the final episode, episode 13, has finally started!


A demon flame dragon resurrected by magic power stood in front of the Uncles. They fell into a hopeless situation due to the mighty power of the demon flame dragon.

2.Short clip

Different world language
Different world language translation. List of Hiragana and Alphabet.

3.SEGA materials

Puyo Puyo

Uncle: I’m thinking about a strategy, but….
Elf: Hey! “A pinch is a chance” right?

“Pinch is a chance”, this is what the uncle said when he and the elf were drinking and talking together in episode 4. Uncle’s motto is a lesson learned from the game “Puyo Puyo”

“Puyo Puyo SUN” game screen

Alien Soldier

Uncle gave Mabel a pseudonym “Wolf Gun Blood” and Alicia “Tenma Kuroki”. Both of these names are borrowed from the Mega Drive game “Alien Soldier”.

“Alien Soldier” game screen


The moon in the scene at the end of part C is from the Sega Saturn game “NiGHTS”. It is the characteristic moon shape of NiGHTS that appears in games and advertisements.

From the opening of the game “NiGHTS”

Golden Ax

In the last scene, in addition to the Golden Ax software, you can check the Sega Saturn main body, Mega Drive main body, NiGHTS and Guardian Heroes software.

Guardian Heroes

Guardian Heroes package

Sega Saturn “Guardian Heroes” decorates the final scene of the anime “Isekai Ojisan” along with “NiGHTS” and “Golden Axe”.


Elf (Voice: Haruka Tomatsu)

Mabel (Voice: Aoi Yuki)

Alicia (Voice: Aki Toyosaki)

Fujimiya (Voice: Mikako Komatsu)


When the final episode ended successfully, there was a sense of satisfaction. The 13 episodes are still interesting, and the heroine is cute and the best. I definitely want to see the continuation! However, please do not postpone the broadcast.

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