[Impression] Anime Spy x Family Ep14 | Anya saves Loid’s future


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Anya is captured by terrorists again. Yor rushes there and repels the terrorists. Meanwhile, the dog once again predicts the future, and what Anya sees is Loid collapsing in an exploded building…

Three people of the future seen from the dog.

2 Characters


Loid caught in the explosion
Future Loid caught in the explosion.
Loid wearing a hat
Loid : I’m sick of war
Loid with a gun
Loid : I will finish.


Shy Yor
Yor: Even I got married this year!
Yor calms Anya down
Anya: Mother, I was scared
Yor: “Okay, okay, you’re okay now.”
Intimidating Yor
Yor: Growl!
Confused Yor
Anya: I went out without permission. I’m sorry.
Yor: …


Anya scared of Yoru
Anya: Mother! It’s scary!
Anya apologizes to Yor
Anya: I went out without permission. I’m sorry.
Anya in despair
Anya sees Loid buried under rubble.
Screaming Anya
Anya: My father didn’t have any toilet paper to go to the bathroom!
Anya in thought
Anya: When the needle is on top.
Anya on the move with the dog
Anya: Dog, what’s wrong?
Anya tries to defuse a bomb
Anya: If I defuse this bomb, my father will be saved!
Anya in shock
Anya: Oh no! All black cables!
Anya rejoices with the dog
Anya: Father is back!

3 Impressions

Yor hugging Anya

Anya was very active in this episode. I hope that the terrorism will calm down soon and I want to see a family reunion with a dog as soon as possible.

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