[Impression] Anime Spy x Family Ep15 | Welcome a new family member


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Happy Bond

The terrorist bombings involving Loid, Yol, and Anya were successfully resolved. Anya wanted to keep a large dog that can predict the future, which she met during the incident, as a pet.

The Forger family out for a walk

2 Characters


Loid shooting a gun at an experimental dog
Loid shooting a gun at an experimental dog
Loid leaving work
Loid: I have to return to my family as soon as possible.
Exhausted Loid
Loid: “I was barely able to avoid the tension between East and West, but my body was tired. My stomach hurts.”


Yor jumping off towards the car
Yor: I’m sorry, Anya! I won’t let you escape this time!
Yor kicks the car
Yor kicks the terrorist’s car.
Yor is happy
Yor: “Today, I defeated the bad guys and secretly protected the peace of this country.”


Anya scolded by Loid
Loid: I always tell you not to hang around alone because it’s dangerous!
Anya: I’m sorry.
Anya resisting
Anya: If you don’t keep this dog, I will rebel and quit school!
Overjoyed Anya
Anya: I did it! My Dog!
Anya looking back on today's events
Anya: “It’s thanks to me that the bomb was stopped. I saved my father and saved the world.”
Anya waiting for Bond to arrive
Anya: Is the dog coming yet?
Anya welcoming Bond
Anya: Don’t be shy, you are also a member of the Forger family.
Anya boasts that she has a dog
Anya: I have a dog in my house.
A surprised Anya
Anya: Ohhhhh!
Bond jumps on Anya
Bond: Bow!
Anya: Wow!
Anya and Bond playing at the dog park
Anya and Bond playing at the dog park

3 Impression

Loid and Yor looking at Anya and Bond sleeping

The story of welcoming Bond into the family was very good because it warmed me up. I would be happy if the peaceful days of the Forger family could continue.

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