[Impression] Anime Spy x Family Ep16 | Yor’s cooking training


1 Story

Part 1 “Yor’s Kitchen”

Loid is concerned about Yor coming home late lately. In fact, Yor was going to her colleague Camilla’s house to learn cooking.

Part 2 “Franky’s Great Love Operation”

Loid is summoned by Franky to a back alley. Because Frankie wanted to ask a woman out on a date. Loid gives Frankie a lecture on asking women out.

2 Characters


Loid: Smell is safe.
Anya: The Last Supper

Loid watching Anya eating

Loid: Coincidentally, I was in the mood for a drink too.
Franky: Hey… Loid, what happened to the athletic gym?


After shopping, Yor headed to her colleague Camilla’s house.

Camilla: You’re crushing. What are you doing!
Yor: Oh!

Yor: So, I’m going to study today as well!

Camilla: Seriously, what are you doing! How did you get married! Go home!
Yoru: Uh

Yor and Yuri in childhood

Camilla: Don’t forget the amount of salt and pepper.
Yor: I understand.

Yor is overwhelmed with emotion when Loid and Anya say it’s “delicious”

Loid: What happened? Yor.
Yor: Sorry. Seeing the faces of the two of you made me feel relieved.


Yor: I will make dinner tonight!
Loid and Anya: Oh my God!

Anya: Going out, going out!

Anya comforting Frankie

Frankie: What!?

3 Impression

I couldn’t help but want to support Yor’s special training and Franky’s struggle. I love this story.

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