[Impression] Anime Spy x Family Ep17 | Anya formulates a plan to get along with Damian


1 Story

Part 1 Carry out Operation Griffon

Becky asks Anya about Loid

Anya is in the same class as Damien in arts and crafts class. Anya carries out “Operation Griffon” to get along with Damian.

Damian calls home

Part 2 Full Metal Lady

Sylvia in disguise

Sylvia is Loid’s superior officer. Her daily life is constantly monitored. She was required to disguise herself in order to meet with Loid in the city.

Meeting of Loid and Sylvia

Part 3 Omelette rice

Yor serving food and Yuri who ate the food

When Yor was young, he made omurice for Yuri. Will Yuri be able to overcome great difficulties?

2 Characters


Loid giving a sign to Sylvia

Loid: If Handler is under surveillance, we have to dodge.
Sylvia: There are two in the north, and one in the east.

Loid: My daughter is now able to jump two steps high on the vaulting box. And, She has also learned to jump rope five times in a row.
Sylvia: What are you talking about?


Shining Yor

Yuri: Sister, if you’re such a good cook, you’ll be married soon.
Yor: I’m embarrassed, Yuri!

Yor hitting Yuri

Yuri: Oh!


Anya recalls failure

Anya: Anya failed in Operation Nakayoshi because Damian didn’t get the charm of Bond.
Damien (Anya): If you give your dog a cool name, I will invite you to my house as a reward.

Anya gloating

Anya: Hahahaha.

Becky approaching Anya

Becky: Does your father have a girlfriend?
Anya: Oh, my father is already married to my mother.

Anya angry with Damian

Damian: You, seriously, just don’t get in the way!
Becky: I’m disappointed you and the squad are separated.

Anya imagining Operation Griffon

Anya: Damian, Anya will also help make a griffon.
Damian (Anya): Really? What a nice girl!

Anya with a rough snort

Anya: Mission complete.

Anya comes up with an idea

Anya: Griffon? Chimera relative?

Anya who treats Damian with a heart of compassion

Anya: Damien, I’ll help you make it too.

Anya gets shocked

Damian: You, go home now! You’re wasting paper! You’re useless!
Anya: “Boom!”

Anya warned by Damien

Anya: Sniff…
Female student: Damien, you don’t have to say that much.
Damian: Shut up! Give me your paper too!

Anya apologizing to Damian

Anya: Damian, I’m sorry I’m useless. I’ll give you this instead of feathers.

Anya explains to Damian

Damien: Why do you need to pair these?
Anya: Ah, if there is love, this can fly.


Becky talking about romance drama

Anya: Talking about flirting?
Becky: It’s too early for you.

Becky asks Anya about Loid

Becky: What! This transcendentally cool guy! Could it be that this person is Anya’s father?

Becky getting the photo

Becky: Hey, can I have this picture?

Becky watching over the two

Anya: I want to help you.
Damian: Do whatever you want!
Becky: Eh, what? Anya likes Damian?

3 Impression

Forger family photo

It’s a little disappointing that Loid and Yor’s turn to appear was small in the story centered on Anya.I’m happy to see the various expressions of Becky and Damian.

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