[Impression] Anime “Uncle from Another World” Episode 2: Enjoying Guardian Heroes


An anime “Uncle from Another World(Isekai Ojisan)” where you can feel the love for Sega. Following the first episode, I am relieved that the screen is full of different thoughts in the second episode.


An enthusiastic fan of Sega, an uncle gets a book with a ranking of Sega Saturn software at an online auction. Uncle who was hurt by the result of the book. And he begins to talk about the girl he met in another world.

Sega Saturn presented by Takafumi
Sega Saturn presented by Takafumi to Uncle.
There are “Guardian Heroes” and “Nights”.

Takafumi reunites with her childhood friend Fujimiya for the first time in a while. Fujimiya favors Takafumi. And a trouble occurs between her Fujimiya and her uncle.

Uncle fighting with Fujimiya

2.The topic of SEGA

The book that Uncle got

Uncle has a book

Uncle got the book at auction. Famous among those who like Sega Saturn, “SATAAN NO GEEMU WA SE KAIICHI! (The game of Saturn is the best in the world!)”.This book describes the transition of the Sega Saturn soft ranking.

Guardian Heroes

Uncle sheds tears
The uncle is not convinced by the ranking of Guardian Heroes and sheds tears.

It was ranked 197th in the “Guardian Heroes” ranking.Uncle was not convinced.The ranking of the book tends to be slightly higher for bishoujo games. I think 197th is an underestimate.

Takafumi has Guardian Heroes
Takafumi has Guardian Heroes.

“Guardian Heroes” is a fighting RPG developed by Treasure. It is a masterpiece game with a story mode that uses belt scroll action and a battle mode that allows up to 6 players to play at the same time.

No. 1 game in the ranking

EVE Burst error R
From EVE Burst error R (remastered version of “EVE Burst error”)

The first place in the Sega Saturn ranking is the adventure game “EVE burst error”. The uncle was disappointed with this result.

EVE Burst error R2
From EVE Burst error R

This game was originally designed by Hiroyuki Kanno (formerly known as Yukihiro Kenno).As for the original game of Mr. Sugano, this game, “DESIRE” and “YU-NO, a girl who sings love at the end of the world” were sold at Sega Saturn.

EVE Burst error R3
From EVE Burst error R

These three games are very well received. If you like mystery and science fiction, I highly recommend playing.

DESIRE remaster ver
From DESIRE remaster ver.

Remastered and remade versions are on sale on PS4 and PC. All three works are wonderful, but I like “Desire” the most.

“EVE burst error” is the first work in the EVE series. Sequels have been produced to this day.

EVE’s latest work “EVE ghost enemies” (PS4 / Nintendo Switch) includes “DESIRE remaster ver.” As a privilege after clearing the game, and the service is perfect.

And, “EVE rebirth terror” includes “EVE Burst error R” as a privilege after clearing only for PS4 version.

*The Saturn original game that Takahiro said is the 2nd place in the reader race is “Grandia”.

Image of interlude

Image of Interlude
Image of Interlude
Panzer Dragoon Zwei
Sega Saturn “Panzer Dragoon Zwei Title Screen”


Uncle posing Gendou
Uncle posing like Ikari Gendou of Evangelion

Neon Genesis Evangelion was sponsored by Sega, so he was checking the anime. I’m sure Uncle would have watched “Martian Successor Nadesico” and “Revolutionary Girl Utena” because Sega was a sponsor.


Mabel (Voice: Aoi Yuki)

Mabel of the Ice Clan
Mabel of the Ice Clan (Voice: Aoi Yuki)
She is withdrawn in a tree hollow.
Mabel is consulting with Uncle
Mabel is consulting with Uncle.
She’s still useless, is she okay with herself?
Uncle's answer
From Uncle from Another World OP
The uncle says, “You can leave it as it is.”
Result of consultation
As a result of her consultation with Uncle
Is she determined to stay withdrawn?

Uncle does not have a template answer to Mabel’s consultation. Uncle is very serious about answering her heartfelt consultation from Mabel.

Fujimiya (Voice: Mikako Komatsu)

Fujimiya meets Uncle
This is the scene where Fujimiya (voice: Mikako Komatsu) first met Uncle.
Uncle was talking to the spirits. Uncle looks like a dangerous person.
Fujimiya reunited with Takafumi
Fujimiya reunited with Takafumi.
Cute Fujimiya
Uncle is a obstacle
Fujimiya recognized Uncle as an obstacle.

4.Ending theme

Ending elf

The ED theme is flowing from the second episode. Yuka Iguchi is in charge of the song. We will switch from a modern society with a slightly uncle to a fantasy world. The song is very nice.

Ending elf2

You Tube: TV Anime “Uncle from Another World” Non-credit ED Yuka Iguchi “Ichibanboshi Sonority”


I also felt the love of Sega in the second episode. With the appearance of Fujimiya, I was happy that the anime became gorgeous. Furthermore, the ending theme made me look forward to the next story.

You Tube:Uncle from Another World x Sega Saturn SE Collection

In the second episode, Guardian Heroes is taken up more than I imagined

I was surprised!!

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