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“Marika” has a sharp story. And it is a game of pros and cons with a cruel and grotesque depiction.

“Marika” is a controversial work with a sharp story and cruel depiction. The three main characters are psychic power holders.

In the battle scene, the character comes out to the front and becomes powerful,

Marika Kanzaki (voice: Yuko Miyamura) who has psychokinesis ability, Akira Kanemoto (voice: Yuko Nagashima) who has teleportation ability, Kaname Todo (voice: Kumiko Watanabe) who has telepathy ability.

Three girls who gradually strengthen their unity

The story depicts the battle between Marica and the terrorist group Faction of True ( the fact group), who are trying to conquer Japan.

1.Introducing psychic girls

Marica Kanzaki: The main ability is psychokinesis

One day, the main character, Marika Kanzaki, is targeted for life by the fact group.
She awakens to her psychic powers by being chased by the facts, and she decides to destroy the fact group.

Akira Kanemoto: The main ability is teleportation

Akira Kanemoto is the boss of a bad group in Shibuya. She was born in Kobe and raised in Osaka. When her group member Tsuyoshi became crazy under the influence of the brainwashing CD produced by the fact group, she became hostile to the fact group. Her main weapon is a nail bat.

Kaname Todo: The main ability is contact telepathy

Kaname Todo is a lady who grows up in a single-father family. One day she is kidnapped by the fact group. And she fights with Marika and Akira who came to rescue her Kaname. She is extremely good at Kanmei Ryu Jiu-Jitsu.

2.Main enemy characters

True man

True man (voice: Hideyuki Hori) is the boss of the fact group. He is planning a number of cruel and relentless operations. He has a deep affection for Olga, the psychic of the fact group.


Olga (voice: Yuri Amano) is a psychic person of the fact group. She stands up against Marica from the beginning. She has a deep affection for the true man.

3.Impressive scene

Marika awakens to psychic powers.

The beginning of everything. Marika is robbed of beef for dinner by a modified dog on the way home from shopping.
Former fact group operative Kagefumi

Marika is robbed of the ingredients for dinner by her dog on her way home from shopping. Marika chased the dog. And she meets Kagefumi, a former fact group operative. She is entrusted with discs and valves by Kagefumi.

The fact group remodeling human Solomon.Solomon eats humans.

Marika’s address is known to the fact group. And her home is attacked. She tries to escape to a police box in her neighborhood, but the police box is attacked and the policeman is eaten by Solomon. When she is cornered, Marica awakens to her psychic powers and repels Solomon.

Video: Marica awakens to psychic powers (16 minutes 30 seconds ~ )

Akira and Tsuyoshi

Tsuyoshi, a member of Akira’s group (voice: Hiroshi Kamiya)

Tsuyoshi, a member of Akira’s group, was affected by the brainwashing CD produced by the fact group and had an abnormality. Akira heads for the destruction of the brainwashing CD factory, but she fights back.

Video: Akira and Tsuyoshi (44 minutes 18 seconds ~)

Members are murdered by the fact group, and Akira cries.

When Akira returned to the hideout, there were members who were terribly killed in the hideout. It was by the facts group. After becoming a member of Marika, Akira defeats the fact group.

Ronald “Buruaaa!” (Voice: *Norio Wakamoto)

The fact group Ronald
He is willing to involve civilians, such as shooting guns at department stores.

Video: Ronald (Voice: Norio Wakamoto) “Buruaaaaaa!” + Battle scene (3 minutes 17 seconds ~)

*Norio Wakamoto is one of the famous voice actors in Japan.He is in charge of the role of Cell of Dragon Ball,etc.His famous dialogue “Buruaaaaaa!” Is still used in various roles in Japan.

Kaname is cool to attack by chanting the name of the technique

Akira and Nobunaga

Nobunaga Yamaki (voice: Daisuke Sakaguchi)

Nobunaga Yamaki was a psychic candidate to counter the fact group that Marica and Akira were looking for. However, it turns out that he is not a psychic.

His family was killed because he was with Marica. But he grows big. And to act together with Marika until the end.

When I played the game, I thought Nobunaga was a character who was about to die very soon. Nobunaga grows up and gains the trust of Marika and others (especially from Akira). I wanted to support him.

Akira is the only character who dyes her cheeks.
Good gap with her personality

① Akira and Nobunaga (My favorite scene. 56 minutes 13 seconds ~)

② Akira and Nobunaga (40 minutes 8 seconds ~)

Traumatic scene

The fact Group Remodeling Human Lovefrest

Next is about Love Frest, which would have instilled the greatest trauma in all game players.

The arm of a fallen friend is broken.

The appearance of Lovefrest is made up of various girls’ bodies connected to grotesque. I don’t like to put out images.

Marica’s friend Keiko Haijima
She was killed when she went to audition to become an idol.

At the time of meeting Lovefrest, Marica’s friend Keiko Haijima and Kaburagi’s wife and child were sacrificed by Lovefrest.

Shinya Kaburagi, who belongs to the Cabinet Special Affairs Research Office

Browsing attention!Grotesque!
Video: Confrontation with Lovefrest (1 hour 33 minutes 48 seconds ~)

True man

True man is the fact group boss. A group of facts who repeat cruel evil deeds. But I feel he has a good character that I can’t hate.

He often behaves strangely.
Video (1 hour 6 minutes 43 seconds ~)

This game shows images of enemy hideouts like a superhero anime. And there are often scenes where the boss tells the strategy.

True man is an interesting character. The fear I felt early in the game is relieved. It played a big role in motivating the game to play.

Mixed bathing of Marika and True man

Video: Mixed bathing of Marika and True man (2 hours 7 minutes 37 seconds ~)

Diary of True man

Before the final battle, True man’s diary reveals True man’s identity. True man was a restructuring office worker. And he was arrested by the police for his blade injury. He was a depressed Japanese who had become a vagrant.

The diary also noted that True man was picked up by the Sage Alliance, the sponsor of the fact group.

True man remodels himself and confronts Marika and others from the front.

True man was a very interesting character. He became frightened as he approached the final round, but it was cool to show his pride as a boss and to maintain his deep love for Olga.

After the final battle, Akira and Kaname remain alone in the hideout.
It is also impressive that only two people who often have quarrels remain.
Video (1 hour 37 minutes 8 seconds ~)

After the battle with True man, the hideout will explode in 10 minutes. So Akira lets Marika and Nobunaga escape by teleportation.

After escaping, Marika returns home safely, and Nobunaga decides to travel abroad to see Japan from the outside. Akira and Kaname never came back.

The third generation True man (voice: Kenji Nojima)

After the ending staff roll, True man (second generation) who should was overthrown by Marika and others was actually still alive. However, the game ends when the third generation True man kills him.

It is an atmosphere that seems to have a sequel. However, it does not appear in the game. The sequel is written by Shojiro Endo, the director, halfway through the novel.
Link:Shojiro Endo’s site: senka.skr.jp/se/t02/index.htm

The fact group armored sisters Rin and Ran
There were many enemy characters that made me feel sad at the end of the conversation because of the environment in which they were placed.


Story is a very interesting game. The themes we are dealing with are also ironic to modern society. There is also an enthusiastic performance by the voice actors, and it is very satisfying.

The battle is monotonous and somewhat unresponsive. However, there is also a hint function for advancing the story, and it progresses quickly, so it is a good impression that you can play the game without stress.

5.Advertising, etc.

Marica Advertising
From Saturn Magazine No. 4, 1996
At first, it seems that they were also aiming for media mix. I wanted to see anime etc.
Case front
Case back

6.Release date, etc.

Release date: June 20, 1997
Developer: Faycraft
Distributor: Victor Interactive Software
Genre: RPG
Screenplay / Director: Shojiro Endo (Metamorph Five, Metal Fighter MIKU, etc.)

[Game CD playback] Sega Saturn general-purpose common voice Ver2

This is a sharp work, and I’m definitely interested in the sequel.

This is not a work that fits everyone.

This game is recommended!

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